Lance Mason, a 51-year-old former Ohio judge, has just been taken into police custody after his ex-wife, Aisha Fraser, was found deceased under suspicious circumstances. The former judge is the primary suspect in this unfolding case because he has already faced a prior conviction of beating his estranged wife in 2014. During the prior incident, Mason was removed from his position as judge and served prison time. He was formerly indicted for domestic violence, assault, kidnapping, endangering the welfare of his children and attempted felonious assault. At the time, Fraser required reconstructive surgery to recover from the brutal attack.

According to police, officers became aware of the incident when they received a 911 call on the morning of November 17th. The 911 call was placed from Mason’s home. When authorities arrived, they found the victim’s body lying in the driveway. As they arrived, Mason reportedly jumped into his vehicle and attempted to flee the area. Police cruisers followed the suspect on a high-speed dangerous pursuit that culminated when Mason slammed into a police officer standing outside of his cruiser. The officer was rushed to the hospital for treatment where medical examiners confirmed he sustained severe injuries to his ribs and legs.

Mason was also injured during the crash. While he was transported to a hospital for care, he was also charged with the felonious assault of a police officer. The suspect is currently still hospitalized, and he has not yet faced official charges regarding the victim’s death. He is expected to be held without bond after being discharged from the hospital.