Sikander Imran has been charged with fetal homicide and sentenced to three years in prison after a long trial.

Throughout the trial, it became apparent that Imran, a physician, knowingly decided to spike his girlfriend’s drink. The victim, Brooke Fiske, had been dating the suspect on and off for about three years before Imran had decided to move to Arlington for work. Very shortly after relocating, Fiske discovered she was pregnant.

The couple had discussed what they were going to do, but they had different ideas on how to proceed. Fiske wanted to keep the baby, but Imran tried to convince her to get an abortion. Fiske was about 17 weeks pregnant with a baby boy when Imran asked her to meet to discuss raising the child.

During the visit, Imran served Fiske some tea. As she got to the bottom of her cup, she noticed a gritty substance. A few hours later, the victim was suffering from contractions. She was rushed to the hospital where she began going into early labor. She lost her child, and doctor’s confirmed the loss was due to an excessive amount of abortion pills within her system.

The pills the physician crushed up and put in the victim’s tea was Misoprostal. The drug isn’t recommended for women over 12 weeks pregnant due to the increased risk of complications. Additionally, 200 milligrams is enough to induce labor, but the doctor had intentionally crushed up about 800 milligrams.

He was arrested on May 24, 2017. Nearly one year later, his case has concluded with a guilty plea. He will spend three years in jail. He has also lost his medical license and faces potential deportation to Pakistan after his prison sentence.