On March 2, 21-year-old Blain Padgett did not show up for football practice. His Rice University football teammates were concerned, so they decided to visit the defensive lineman’s home to check up on him.

Sadly, Padgett’s teammates found him deceased in his apartment. Authorities arrived to investigate the situation. Medical examiners discovered that Padgett had passed away due to the ingestion of carfentanil, a synthetic version of fentanyl. Police quickly began interviewing the victim’s family to determine how he obtained this substance.

According to Padgett’s family, the victim was supplied with pain pills from one of his football teammates. Unfortunately, serious football players often get serious injuries that require pain medication, and it’s not uncommon for players to become addicted and hooked to these pain pills. The victim believed he was receiving hydrocodone pills, but the substance turned out to be filled with deadly amounts of carfentanil.

After months of investigating, police have arrested 25-year-old Stuart Mouchantaf for supplying Padgett with the deadly street drug. On October 4th, Houston police charged Mouchantaf with the delivery of a controlled substance causing death. The penalties for this serious crime are severe. If convicted, then Mouchantaf could be sentenced to life in prison. Investigators stated that the 25-year-old was reportedly planning on fleeing from the country, but police took him into custody before he could fulfill his plans. When police discovered he had purchased a one-way ticket to Lebanon, they set his bond at $250,000. He has been forced to now give up his U.S. passport and wear and ankle monitor because he is considered a flight risk.