FOX News reports that a father and son duo have been arrested for allegedly killing their neighbor over a mattress in a trash bin. The Texas men were arrested after allegedly shooting a man over a dispute about the garbage in an alley. John Miller, 67, and Michael Miller, 31, are accused of fatally shooting Aaron Howard, 37, on September 1.

Police say the men had been arguing for days about the trash before the shooting, and on the day of the murder John Miller had taken the garbage out. He had a handgun and Michael Miller had a shotgun, and someone got a baseball bat from the home of Howard before the encounter.

Kara Box, Howard’s fiancée, videotaped the three men and released it to the media.

The video shows the men getting into a heated argument, the Millers armed and Howard yelling that the Millers “pulled a gun in front of my kids over a f_____ mattress.” Howard had put a mattress in a dumpster in the alley and John Miller took it out and threw it onto Howard’s property.

Four gunshots are heard on the video while Michael Miller is aiming his gun at Howard. Both Millers were charged with murder and released after posting their $25,000 bail.

*Photo credit FOX News Network