Andrea Washington, a 37-year-old resident of Jacksonville, was found deceased in her Florida home back in September of this year. The victim had just recently been pinned as a Navy CPO. Authorities have been working hard to determine what happened to the victim, and they have finally ruled her death a homicide.

After making the determination that Washington was murdered, authorities also announced that the victim’s ex-fiancé has been taken into police custody under the suspicion of being involved with her death. The suspect, 36-year-old Danny Ray Beard, is currently being held without bond, but it hasn’t been announced what charges he will ultimately face.

Investigators uncovered a long history of violence between Washington and Beard. On September 4th, a protective order was filed by Washington against Beard. According to the order, Washington was assaulted when the couple began arguing over household bills. After kicking her in the stomach, Beard allegedly pulled a gun on her. Investigators also found that Washington filed an unrelated police report against Beard on September 2nd. According to the report, Beard and his friends became overly aggressive towards her. A friend reportedly encouraged Beard to attack and assault her. She later decided to press charges against him for aggravated assault.

Investigators learned that Washington was murdered only hours before she was supposed to appear in court. At court, she was set to speak out regarding the protective order against Beard. Later in the day, Beard appeared in court. Because of Washington’s absence, the protective order and case was dismissed.