The Sacramento Bee reports a California court has ruled that an aspiring serial killer won’t qualify for an early release. Daniel William Marsh, who killed an elderly couple and said that he dreamed of becoming a serial killer, will remain in prison rather than being retried as a juvenile.

Marsh was sentenced to life in prison for killing Olvier Northup, 87, and Claudia Maupin, 76, in 2013. A Superior Court Judge ruled he will continue serving that sentence despite a controversial California ballot measure that would have allowed him to be tried as a juvenile.

Only 15 when he murdered the couple, Marsh was 17 when he was convicted and sentenced as an adult. He is now 21.

In 2016, voters approved a proposition that would require judges to determine whether a minor would be tried as a juvenile or adult when charged with certain crimes, rather than leaving this determination up to the prosecutor. Marsh was convicted before the proposition took effect, but an appeals court ruled earlier this year he should be granted a hearing due to the new law.

If Marsh had been granted a reduced sentence at his hearing, he would be released at the age of 25.

Marsh stabbed Northup and Maupin more than 60 times each, and then left a glass and cell phone inside their wounds. He testified that he dreamed of killing more victims and planned to do so before he was arrested in June 2013.

Marsh did say at one point he was disgusted with what he did. Doctors testified that his childhood trauma, dysfunctional family and mental illness led to the killings. He had no prior criminal record and had even served as a police cadet for a short time.

Marsh studied serial killers and aimed to remain undetected according to the judge at the Wednesday hearing. There was no reaction from Marsh when he was ordered to return to the prison.

*photo credit Sacramento Bee