On October 23, Judge Vincent Gaughan listened to a bizarre confession and request for a retrial in a murder case. The person requesting the retrial, Kevin Dugar, was found guilty of murder in a 2003 trial, but now his identical twin, Karl Smith, is coming forward to claim he carried out the crime.

Since the 2003 trial, Dugar has remained in police custody. He was sentenced to serve 54-years in jail for his role in the gang-related shooting that left one victim deceased and another injured. Matters became more complicated, however, when Dugar’s identical twin brother began alleging in 2016 that he actually carried out the crime. Karl Smith is also already in police custody for an unrelated crime. Smith reportedly took part in a home invasion in 2008 where an innocent 6-year-old child was shot in the head.

The judge and prosecutors were both baffled by the strange confession. Many wonder whether Smith, who is sentenced to 99-years in jail, is only confessing to help free his brother from jail. Prosecutors alleged that Smith only began admitting to the crime after his own appeal failed. Prosecutors also pointed out that the twins were known to pretend to be each other to confuse people in the past. According to the victim in the 2003 shooting, the gunman was only known as his street name “Twin.” Both suspects allegedly used the same street name when conducting these crimes.

Ultimately, Judge Gaughan ruled that Smith’s admission was not credible. He refused the motion for a retrial in the 2003 murder.