The Chicago Tribune reports that a man who was convicted of murdering 5 people in 1972 has been granted parole. The crimes happened during a massacre at a Yorkville, Illinois restaurant. Carl Reimann was convicted of the murders and has now been granted parole, 45 years later.

Victims of the massacre included Catherine Rekate, a waitress at the restaurant; customers David Gardner and Bob Loftus; bartender John Wilson; and cook George Pashade.

Reimann, now 77, was deemed a “good risk for parole” at his 20th parole hearing in an eight-to-four vote by the prisoner review board. Reimann has shown remorse for his crimes and expressed a desire to give back to the community, according to the law firm that spoke in his favor at the hearing.

On December 29, 1972, Reimann and his girlfriend, Betty Piche, entered the Pine Village restaurant with the intention of robbing it. Reimann then presented a semiautomatic handgun and aimed it at patrons while Piche grabbed $640. After rounding up the victims, Reimann opened fire and killed all of them after Piche demanded he do it, according to newspaper reports from the time. However, police reports state that Piche was already outside of the restaurant when he opened fire.

The couple was stopped a short time later by police. Reimann was sentenced to 50 to 150 years for each murder, as well as additional time for armed robbery. Piche was released from prison in 1983.

Catherine Rekate’s father was waiting outside of the restaurant to take his daughter home after her shift. He reported seeing a person in a blonde wig and provided a description of the getaway car to police.

*Photo credit Illinois Department of Corrections/Chicago Tribune/TNS