Chris Watts, a 33-year-old resident of Colorado, has been arrested for the murder of his missing wife and two young children. This recent development comes as a shock for community members because the suspect was begging for his family’s safe return just days prior on multiple news outlets across the nation.

Chis originally told police that the couple had gotten into an emotional conversation early in the morning before he left for work. He told authorities that he attempted to text and call Shanann Watts, his wife, but she never responded. At around noon, he became concerned. When he returned home and couldn’t find her or his children, he reported her missing to the authorities.

Investigators discovered her vehicle at the family home, so they searched the entire neighborhood. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation issued a missing and endangered alert for Shanann, who was 15-months pregnant, and her two children. One day later, the Federal Bureau of Investigation got involved in the search. Chris Watts appeared on multiple TV stations. He appeared emotionally distraught, and he was begging for the safe return of his family.

Despite this, Watts was taken into police custody for an interview. Eventually, he admitted to killing his wife and daughters. He was immediately charged with three counts of first-degree murder, and he was taken to the Weld County Jail. Prosecutors may decide to also charge the suspect with tampering with physical evidence and the murder of his unborn child. The bodies of the victims were discovered at Watt’s place of employment on August 16.