The Associated Press reports that a man who was in the country illegally has been convicted of the murder of two Northern California deputies. Luis Bracamontes was found guilty on Friday of shooting Deputy Danny Oliver and Detective Michael Davis Jr. in a case dating from 2014. Other charges he was convicted of include carjacking, attempted murder and weapons violations.

Bracamontes said he would be killing more cops after his verdict was read and he was being led away from the courtroom. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. His sentencing is scheduled to begin March 5.

Defense attorneys claimed Bracamontes is mentally ill and was high on methamphetamine when the shootings happened, but the judge found him competent to stand trial, says AP. They also argued that President Trump’s anti-immigration policies made it impossible for him to get a fair trial.

He is a citizen of Mexico and allegedly entered the U.S. illegally.

In a separate case against his wife, Janelle Monroy, who is a citizen of the U.S., a jury is determining whether she should also be convicted of murder. Monroy claims she was a victim of his abuse while frequently high on marijuana and meth.

During his trial, Bracamontes shouted that he was guilty and wanted to be put to death. He also threatened to kill his attorneys and more deputies.

Police records show that Oliver was shot outside of a hotel in Sacramento on October 24, 2014, before a manhunt led to a car chase spanning 30 miles. He then shot Davis and surrendered after a “lengthy standoff.”

Bracamontes was featured in one of Trump’s re-election campaign commercials that accuses Democrats of being “complicit” in slayings of officers by offenders who are in the country illegally. The ad was released during the government shutdown that was caused by Democrats refusing to support a spending plan without Republicans agreeing to protect young immigrants from deportation, says the AP.

*Photo credit Randy Pench/Sacramento Bee