FOX News reports that an ex-beauty queen accused of killing her rich husband is now on trial in Puerto Rico. Aurea Vazquez Rijos, aka “The Black Widow,” will learn her fate by a jury; selection started yesterday. She is accused of killing her husband, Adam Anhang. Jury selection is expected to finish by week’s end.

Vazquez is a former Miss Puerto Rico Petite. At 32 years old, Anhang was a Winnipeg native who made his fortune in real estate and gaming software. He was found beaten and stabbed to death in San Juan in September of 2005.

The couple met to discuss their pending divorce on the night that Anhang was murdered. Investigators first believed the murder was a robbery gone bad.

However, prosecutors claim that Vazquez tricked him into meeting her, then had him killed. She had reportedly signed a prenuptial agreement that would have left her out of sharing in millions in the case of a divorce.

Anhang was estimated to be worth $24 million.

Jonathan Roman Rivera was initially convicted of Anhang’s murder, but that conviction was overturned after a witness to the murder came to authorities.

Alex “El Loco” Pabon Colon was later indicted for the murder and pleaded guilty. He told investigators that Vazquez offered to pay  him $3 million if he killed Anhang.

Vazquez was charged with ordering the hit in June 2008. She would not cooperate with police and filed a civil suit against Anhang’s family for $1 million in damages and multi-millions from his estate. However, a judge dismissed her civil suit.

After vanishing from Puerto Rico, she was discovered years later in Spain and arrested in June 2013. She fought against her extradition, claiming she didn’t know authorities in the U.S. were searching for her.

While she was in prison waiting to be extradited, she became pregnant and married the baby’s father. She was finally sent to Puerto Rico in 2015.

Prosecutors say they will not seek a life sentence without parole or death penalty if she is convicted.

*Photo credit Fox News Network LLC