At around 2 A.M. on January 13, officers with the Birmingham Police Department were notified about a car burglary in progress outside of a downtown nightclub. Detectives arrived at the scene and discovered a suspect checking numerous car door handles to see if the vehicles were locked. Another suspect was nearby.

One of the officers approached the suspect and began to pat him down for weapons. Immediately, the suspect reached into his pants for a firearm and started shooting at both the police officers. A sergeant, whose identity has not yet become public, was fatally struck by the perpetrator’s bullets. Another officer was critically wounded at the scene.

Emergency medical responders brought the second officer to a nearby hospital while other officers engaged with the shooter. One of the suspects was struck by a bullet and transported to the hospital. The second suspect was eventually caught by police and taken into custody.

Investigators are continuing to look into the situation. Initial reports suggest there may have been a third shooter, and the downtown nightclub incident may not have been the only place the burglars struck. The previous morning, nearly 17 people reported that their vehicles had been broken into. All the victims were parked at an apartment complex in Birmingham. Police have not yet officially connected the two incidents.

The names of the officers and suspects involved in this shooting have not been released by officials yet. According to officials, this incident marks the first time in more than 14 years where a Birmingham police officer was killed in the line of duty.