The Associated Press reports that a 92-year-old defendant has entered a not guilty plea in court for the murder of her son. Anna Mae Blessing was arrested on July 2 after her 72-year-old son was fatally shot in the home they shared together in the Phoenix area. Her defense attorney is trying to get her placed in an assisted living facility.

Blessing uses and wheelchair and her attorney says she has pain issues, but is refusing to disclose the facilities he is considering placing her if she posts her $500,000 bond.

The defendant refused to be brought to court and a plea entered on her behalf for charges of murder and aggravated assault.

Prosecutors say Blessing was upset about her son’s plans to place her in an assisted living facility before shooting him. Her son’s girlfriend took two guns away from her after the shooting.

Both the mother and son had expressed concern that the other could become violent before the shooting occurred. Sheriffs were called to the Blessing home multiple times, including once when the son said his mother was threatening him.

*Photo credit Associated Press