Kirby Wallace, a 53-year-old, was finally taken into police custody after a seven-day manhunt throughout Tennessee. Authorities were able to track down the suspect using helicopters, dogs and hunting stands. Finally, at around 10:15 on October 5th, an officer who was in position in a hunting stand noticed someone walking around in the woods.

When Kirby came closer, the officer positively identified him as the wanted man. The officer directed his rifle and the suspect and ordered him to put his arms to his side. Surprisingly, the suspect complied. Officers determined he had a loaded handgun in his waistband, so they are very fortunate that a shootout did not occur. Authorities are attributing this arrest to “sheer luck” after tracking down the suspect using a bloodhound’s sense of smell. Using the bloodhound, officers create a “hot zone” where the suspect may be and began combing the area.

Kirby is wanted under the suspicion of killing a 63-year-old woman, Brenda Smith. Brenda and her husband, Teddy, were arriving home from church when they found the suspect in their home. Kirby allegedly bound the couple and set their house on fire before fleeing the scene. Teddy Smith attempted to save his wife, but he was unsuccessful.

Days later, on October 1st, Kirby is accused of shooting and killing a man in order to steal his vehicle. The vehicle was later abandoned and found by police. Montgomery’s County Major, Jim Durrett, described Kirby as a “walking crime in progress,” and issued a $17,500 reward for information leading to the suspect’s capture.