Eugene Pittman, a 52-year-old resident of Connors Cove, has been taken into police custody after trying to brutally murder his wife with ant poison.

The Hope Mills resident reportedly went out of control on May 12. Carmen Jackson-Pittman, the suspect’s wife, was caught off guard when eating her dinner. She later reported to authorities that she tasted a hint of something sweet and strange within her meal. She was so confused that she allegedly questioned her husband about poisoning her in a joking manner.

Jackson-Pittman told police that she must have lost consciousness or blacked out while she was eating. When she awoke, she was horrified to find her husband attempting to suffocate her. She attempted to scream before realizing both her mouth and hands were duct-taped.

Police warrants confirm the suspect must have realized the poisoning attempt had failed at this point. Next, the suspect allegedly stopped trying to suffocate his wife. He threatened her with an ominous message, “you have two choices: you can leave, or you can die.”

Jackson-Pittman was terrified after the whole ordeal. She contacted the police who later discovered her husband had attempted to poison her with Terro. Terro is an ant poison, and the main ingredient in the product is borax. Borax is known to cause respiratory problems, unconsciousness, renal failure and even severe poisonings.

An arrest warrant was served to Pittman on July 16. He is currently being housed at the Cumberland Detention Center on a $50,000 bond.