Law & Crime reports that William Riley Gaul, 19, has been found guilty of premeditated and felony murder for killing Emma Jane Walker, his ex-girlfriend. Gaul shot Walker in November 2016 two times in her home while she was asleep. Defense attorneys claimed he only meant to get her attention, trying to create a situation where he could rescue her.

Emma’s mother, Jill, discovered her body. One bullet was found in the wall, and the other fatally struck Emma. Her parents disapproved of the relationship between the teens because of things Gaul had said to Emma.

Two of Emma’s friends testified about an incident when they believed Gaul had staged a kidnapping. Emma received texts telling her someone she knew had been kidnapped, and the messages were suspected to be sent by one of Gaul’s friends. The group of teens then found Gaul face down outside, claiming to have been hit in the head and not able to remember any details of the incident.

Friends also secretly videoed Gaul telling them to advise police they were drunk or high if they were approached by law enforcement. He also told them about his interview with police and that Walker committed suicide. The video then showed Gaul trying to discard the gun, which he stole from his grandfather, when police showed up and arrested him.

*Photo credit The Associated Press