14-year-old Tyrone Harvin has been taken into police custody, and prosecutors are firmly arguing that the suspect should be charged as an adult after his horrific actions. The suspect is being charged with rape, first-degree murder and other charges involving assault and sexual offenses. In the state, these charges automatically warrant being charged as an adult for any suspects over 14.

Nearly 70 years separates the victim and suspect. The victim, 83-year-old Dorothy Mae Neal, was discovered nearly deceased in her home when a concerned neighbor asked police to do a well check on Neal on August 29th. The neighbor became worried after not seeing her neighbor for days.

When police arrived at the 2300 block of Winchester Street, they found Neal unresponsive and barely alive. She was rushed to the University of Maryland Medical Center, but she passed away the next day. Medical caregivers confirmed the victim suffered severe blunt-force trauma that directly caused her death. They were also able to confirm the victim had been sexually assaulted.

Investigators found physical evidence at the scene suggesting 14-year-old Harvin was the primary suspect. While a motive in the attack remains unclear, police theorize that Harvin was doing chores for the victim before attacking her. There were no signs of forced entry into the victim’s home.

The suspect has already had previous interactions with law enforcement. On his 14th birthday, he was charged with armed robbery, but these charges were later reduced as the suspect went through juvenile court and agreed to GPS monitoring. The suspect had only recently been released from this GPS program when he was accused with his newest crime.