On August 22, at least three teenagers attending Taylor High School were arrested for threatening to commit a school shooting.

Devant Davis-Brooks, Emmanuel Tejas Pina and Kadin Watson, all 17-year-old seniors at the school, have been charged with making a terroristic threat. The team of students were allegedly talking together in class about “detailed plans” to carry out a shooting at the school. Another classmate overheard the conversation, and they were very disturbed about the incident. The student reported the conversation and detailed how the students specifically mentioned firearms and explosives.

The student told a teacher about the conversation, and the teacher immediately told the principal. The principal quickly reported the incident to superintendent Keith Brown who told the school resource officer. The school resource officer promptly arrested the three students who made the threat.

The students were interrogated about the conversation, and police made the decision to press charges against each student. Superintendent Keith Brown confirmed that each of the students will be facing additional disciplinary actions from the school district once they are released from jail. They are each facing a three-day suspension, and they will all be required to attend an alternative school before they are allowed back into their regular classes.

The Taylor Independent School District confirmed the incident with a social media post. They explained that they take the safety of their staff and students very seriously, but no students were in danger before or during this incident. The district will continue to work alongside local law enforcement to take appropriate actions against the teens.