YouTube has been cracking down and restricting the content that users are able to put out on their platform, but these efforts haven’t deterred pranksters from continuing to perform increasingly erratic stunts to gain internet fame. Dillion Burch was reportedly attempting to gain followers and attention by pulling off a YouTube prank about an active shooter at Walt Disney World. His efforts did not go over well with the guests or with law enforcement officials.

While visiting the happiest place on earth on May 28, the suspect allegedly began telling multiple guests that there was an active shooter at the park. He was instructing guests to evacuate the area, and he claimed the property was not safe due to the gunman’s presence. After capturing the startled guest’s reactions on video, the suspect would then tell them that they had been pranked.

Burch was attempting to amass a collection of reactions for a new YouTube video, but his actions were unsettling to the guests. The false statements and resulting confusion caused a resort-wide lockdown until law enforcement could arrive. One resort staff member approached the suspect and asked him why he was making false claims. The suspect claimed he was doing a school project before asking the staff member to leave him alone.

As authorities arrived on the scene, the suspect took off running through the resort’s parking lot. Officers later found Burch huddled in a row of bushes on the property. He was taken into police custody and charged with disturbing the peace at a public lodging and disorderly intoxication. He has also been banned from ever returning to the Walt Disney World property.