On April 3, the video sharing website YouTube was attacked by an armed suspect. Initial reports indicate that the shooter approached an outdoor area of the building around lunchtime. Minutes later, police arrived to a “chaotic scene”. Employees were running out of the building with their arms raised, and some injured victims had fled to neighboring businesses.

Once inside the building, investigators found one deceased woman with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Thanks to social media, multiple YouTube employees, witnesses and officials tweeted details about the attack as they occurred. Four injured victims were transported to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

Initial reports suggested that the shooting was a domestic violence incident, but further investigation revealed that the suspect didn’t personally know anyone in the building. Police have identified the prime suspect as San Diego resident Nasim Aghdam. According to several reports, Aghdam had a YouTube channel where she discussed her passionate views about animal cruelty and other topics. In January, she posted a video complaining that the video sharing website was censoring and filtering her clips. The company’s actions had resulted in fewer views and less income for Aghdam. According to the suspects father, she was enraged at the company because they had recently stopped paying her for her content by completely demonetizing her videos. Following the shooting, YouTube deleted her entire channel. The deletion was followed by a message that claimed her channel had “multiple or severe violations” of YouTube policies. Her Instagram and Facebook accounts have also been removed.