A strange incident at a Nashville Waffle House has killed four people and injured four others when a deranged person shot several patrons. Police reports indicate the shooter was dressed only in a green jacket but was nude underneath. Nashville police confirmed that six individuals were hit by the shooter’s bullets including four who were killed by bullet-related wounds. The incident occurred at 3:30 A.M. on Sunday.

Two individuals were fatally wounded outside of Waffle House, while another victim died inside the restraint. The fourth victim was rushed to Vanderbilt Hospital where they later passed away. A brave patron confronted the suspect as he was reloading his weapon and wrestled the man to the ground. He ripped the rifle out of the shooter’s hands, and the suspect then fled the scene. The patron is now being called a hero. 35 police officers spanning over three different precincts responding to the devastating incident.

Waffle House released a statement in which they described their sympathy to the victims and their families. The restaurant is saddened by this senseless tragedy. One wounded individual remains in critical condition, while another injured victim has moved to stable condition. Some patrons suffered cuts from flying glass that shattered a Waffle House window.

Authorities have identified a person of interest in the shooting. They are looking for information that will lead to them to the suspect, Travis Reinking. The police department sent out a social media Tweet explaining that video evidence revealed the shooter’s vehicle. That vehicle is currently registered to Reinking. After further investigation, Reinking went from a person of interest to a suspect in this shooting. The motive is still unclear.