The recent onslaught of public-school gun violence has forced police departments around the nation to take all threats of violence against schools very seriously. Residents of Napa, California, are thankful that detectives responded quickly to an apparent threat on two schools in the area. Their prompt investigations led to a timely arrest of the suspect who has been identified as a middle school student.

An investigation was launched when one of the suspect’s peers came forward to police. The youngster was very concerned about his friend who reportedly told him he was planning to shoot up multiple schools in the area. While the child initially thought the suspect was joking around, he realized the other student was serious when the suspect went into great detail about how he had planned out the event for months. The classmate showed authorities text messages to prove his story.

Schools in the area went on winter break shortly after investigators learned about the threat. Police worked through the holiday to identify the culprit and verify whether the threat was credible or not. They got their answer when they searched two homes where the suspect resided. They discovered web searches, social media posts and other evidence that supported planning out a school shooting attack.

They did not initially take the suspect into custody, but a few days later the original whistleblower returned to the police. He explained how the suspect threatened to kill him for warning the police about his plans. Once the threat was verbalized, police quickly moved to apprehend the student. The police and community members alike believe that a tragedy has been averted thanks to the brave student.