Parents and citizens of Montgomery county are voicing their concerns with a recent active shooter drill that occurred at Montgomery High School. While it’s important for schools to conduct these important safety drills, parents are confused as to why this particular safety drill was organized specifically to assist local police officers in making multiple student arrests during school hours.

According to officials, the principal of Montgomery High School, Tom Gray, cooperated with police when they requested help with arresting some students at the school. Officers submitted a plan to the principal that involved a campus-wide drill that would help provide cover for officers seeking to arrest some of the students at the school. Gray completely cooperated with law enforcement’s requests.

Some parents have raised concerns about why officers felt it was necessary to make these arrests during school hours. One parent, Alicia Mesa, expressed to media outlets that she does not understand why police would not arrest the suspects at their homes. It would also be possible to arrest the students during school hours without using the safety drill as cover for officers.

Despite concerns, the safety drill was held on Halloween. Four students were taken into police custody while the rest of the faculty and staff participated in an active shooter drill. Officials stated that they conducted the drill as requested to help the arrests go as smoothly, safely and controlled as possible. Officials also confirmed that none of the students committed crimes on the school’s campus or during school hours, but they did not elaborate on the details of their charges.