Boynton Beach High School was placed on a code red lockdown for several hours on September 14th after reports of a gunman on campus reached authorities. Thankfully, the situation was handled promptly, and the lockdown was lifted around noon. The incident resulted in the arrest of two high school students.

On Friday morning, a concerned student rushed into the school to tell authorities that another student had discharged a firearm at the bus stop. The Palm Beach County School District has chosen not to reveal the exact location of the incident to protect the identity of the minors involved.

Upon hearing these reports, city police promptly interviewed students who were riding on that bus and at that bus stop. They enlisted the help of gun dogs and searched the campus. The police K-9’s led them to a student who was carrying a gun at school. Police have not released details about the type of firearm, but they did confirm that it wasn’t loaded. They did not find any ammunition on the student. The unidentified teen was arrested for possessing the illegal gun on school grounds.

Another student, 18-year-old Wayne Evan Brown, was also arrested in connection to the bus stop incident. He has been charged with numerous offenses including disturbing the peace, having a weapon on school property, burglary and numerous weapons-related charges.

Parents received an alert at around 10 A.M. about the school’s lockdown status, but the alert confirmed that all students were safe. Parents flooded the school’s gates and were eventually reunited with their children at around noon.