Several Bowie High School students are facing serious charges and severe public backlash after deciding to fake a school shooting as their senior prank. After planning and preparing for the event, the seniors decided to implement their horrible idea on May 15.

The group of teenagers rushed into the school dressed in black and wearing masks. They wielded replica squirt guns. Conspiring partners set off fireworks inside of the school to simulate gun shot noises. The pranksters went about the school’s main building shooting faculty and students with their water guns. The unfolding events resulted in a school-wide evacuation. Many of the school’s students and staff were shaken up by the scary prank.

While the group of jokers may have gotten their laugh, many are saying they took this prank way too far. This incident came just months after the traumatizing events at Stoneman Douglas High School and days before multiple people were killed at a Texas High School. In February, Bowie Police arrested one student with a loaded 9-mm in his backpack nearby the school.

At least one student was injured during the chaotic evacuation, and several students will likely suffer anxiety and emotional distress as a result of the scare. Robynne W. Prince, the Principal of Bowie High School, released a letter to parents describing the student’s behavior as “dangerous and reckless.” She has promised that every student found to be involved in the events will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.