One suspect has been killed and four troopers injured after what police describe as a “high-risk” search warrant operation in Oklahoma this past Friday. Oklahoma troopers descended on the suspect’s home ready to execute a drug-related warrant, but they came prepared because they knew the man had a violent criminal history.

Police believe the suspect had surveillance cameras placed around his residence, so he immediately knew when officers began approaching his home. As officers approached, they were met by gunfire. It is believed that officers may have set off a booby-trapped device that ignited a giant blaze. The fire quickly spread to several nearby buildings in the downtown Talihina area. Four officers were injured by the gunfire, while another officer was struck but wearing a bulletproof vest. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a medical helicopter landing and taking off in the area, and it’s believed that the four wounded officers were transported to a local hospital for treatment. Firefighters quickly responded to the scene.

Officers were able to breach the suspects building, but the unidentified man refused to go peacefully. He was fatally shot. Firefighters continued to fight the giant fire, but it did ultimately destroy two very significant historic buildings. Talihina Police Chief Rodney Faulkenberry confirmed that the destroyed buildings were about 100 years old. Investigators are still attempting to determine the exact cause of the fire, but they do suspect that booby-trapped devices likely ignited the blaze.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has confirmed that all four officers were successfully treated and released from the hospital. They are all expected to recover.