The nation was once again awoken with horrific news about an active shooter situation occurring in the morning hours of September 6th in Cincinnati.

The incident occurred in the downtown area of Cincinnati near the Fountain Square Fifth Third bank. One witness, Leonard Cain, spoke to news reporters about the situation. The witness was going into the bank when nearby bank customers immediately told him an active shooting situation was going down. Scared citizens had hunkered down in the bank’s bathrooms and other safe spots. Moments later another woman was walking into the bank. The group tried to warn her about the shooter, but she was wearing headphones and didn’t hear their cries. The unidentified victim was shot. Leonard Cain told authorities he heard at least 15 shots go off.

Cincinnati Police, SWAT teams and FBI agents were immediately dispatched. The area was closed down to foot traffic, and nearby buildings were placed on a temporary lockdown. The scene was officially secured by 9:15 A.M. Multiple victims suffered gunshot wounds, and police have confirmed that there have already been at least two deaths. Four of the victims were rushed to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and others were brought to Good Samaritan Hospital.

Initial reports are conflicting, but many outlets are reporting that the gunman was shot when he engaged in a shootout with police. Several outlets are reporting that the shooter was killed during the standoff, but this hasn’t yet been confirmed by police. The suspect’s motive in carrying out this shooting remains unclear.