On November 19th, Denver police were informed about an active shooter situation downtown. At around 4:00 P.M., authorities rushed to the area near Lawrence Street and 21st Street. They discovered one victim who was deceased upon their arrival. Four additional victims were suffering from gunshot wounds.

The four injured victims were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. A spokesperson with the Denver Police, Doug Schepman, confirmed that none of the injured were suffering life-threatening wounds, but the situation remains serious. Police quickly realized that one of the suspected gunmen had fled the scene in a getaway vehicle. A second suspect was one of the individuals who was transported to the hospital for care.

According to a witness, one of the gunmen began shooting off a handgun towards a crowd of homeless individuals. He quickly returned to his vehicle but not before a second gunman began shooting back at the car. While the suspect got away initially, multiple witness accounts helped police promptly identity the shooter.

On November 20th, the two suspected shooters were both arrested. The duo has been identified as 24-year-old Deshay Armstrong and 24-year-old Josh Hayward. Hayward, the gunman who escaped by car, is being charged with first-degree murder. Armstrong, the suspect who suffered gunshot wounds, is being charged with illegally possessing a firearm. Police have not yet released any motive in this shooting, but the details seem to suggest the incident was a targeted shooting. Officers explained that they are aware of issues the homeless group has presented recently, but they are not clear on whether this was a factor in the shooting.