On November 7th, a large congregation of college students were gathered together enjoying the evening at Borderline Bar & Grill when suddenly chaos erupted. An unidentified suspect entered into the Californian bar dressed entirely in black at around 11:20 P.M. The perpetrator immediately tossed several smoke bombs to reduce visibility before indiscriminately discharging his weapon into the crowd.

Responding police officers were met with heavy gunfire. The first rescuers to enter the bar were Police Sargent Ron Helus and an unidentified California Highway Patrol officer. Upon confronting the gunman, Helus was shot multiple times. He was rushed to a hospital for treatment, but he passed away a short time later due to his injuries.

Investigators are still working to determine what happened during the shootout. Initial reports suspect the gunman utilized a handgun, but these reports have not been confirmed by authorities. It’s apparent that the shooter used his mother’s vehicle to drive to the bar where he shot down at least eleven victims.

Investigators have not yet publicly identified the shooter, but they have confirmed that the suspect died during the ordeal. It remains unclear whether the suspect took his own life or whether he was killed by responding officers.

Victims involved in the ordeal described the horrific blood-filled scene. Many victims were forced to throw bar stools at windows and escape through the broken glass. Others ran to the attic for cover. Witnesses reported that the shooter appeared to concentrate his gunshots toward the front desk and front area of the venue. At least 18 victims were injured while trying to escape. The deceased victims have not yet been named.