Yong Yu, a 35-year-old resident of Brooklyn, was swiftly taken into custody by the Regional Fugitive Task Force after he brutally injured his girlfriend in a domestic dispute.

On June 21, the Brooklyn Police Department were called to respond to an emergency medical situation and domestic dispute. Upon arrival, they found Yu’s girlfriend profusely bleeding from both arms and with fingers missing from her hands. Emergency medical personnel quickly transported her to a local hospital where they were successfully able to reattach her hanging right arm and stitch up several wounds from a steak knife. Sadly, they were unable to reattach the suspect’s fingers. Medical staff also discovered the victim was pregnant at the time of the assault, but the baby was uninjured.

Yu had fled the area, but police quickly launched a manhunt for the suspect. They discovered the knife used to commit the crime at the scene.

The authorities located and identified the suspect near Niagara Falls. An officer, who had heard about the stories coming from New York, spotted Yu dining in a restaurant. His department had been notified about the potential for Lu to be in the city. He promptly detained the suspect and waited for backup to arrive. Reports indicate he traveled abut 400 miles fleeing from police, and he was discovered carrying a life jacket. Investigators have reason to believe the suspect was planning on swimming across the border into Canada in an attempt to evade police. The suspect will be extradited to New York City. He is being charged with one count of first-degree assault.