Tensions between advocacy groups and law enforcement agents charged with upholding this administration’s immigration policies have reached a massive breaking point. Police made a shocking statement on June 28 when they arrested an unheard of 575 individuals who were protesting immigrant separations.

Hundreds of individuals gathered in the Senate’s Hart Office Building to stage an impressive peaceful sit-in. The Women’s March, the Center for Popular Democracy Action and CASA in Action all worked together to coordinate the sit-in and march. Demonstrators attempted to make a bold statement by wrapping themselves in silver thermal blankets reminiscent of photographs that have surfaced of migrant children. Together, hundreds of people chanted verses like “we care,” “where are the children?” and “abolish ICE.” Most of the participants were white, middle-aged women who have never had previous interactions with police.

Several influential politicians made appearances at the event to show their solidarity with the demonstrators including Senators Tammy Duckworth, Elizabeth Warren and Kristen Gillibrand. Actress Susan Sarandon was also seen marching at the front of the protest. She was among those arrested and charged during the event.

Capitol Police responded to the demonstration. Conflicting reports indicate around 575 to 630 different women were arrested and slapped with charges of unlawfully demonstrating. Pictures have circulated around the web of police lining up groups of women with their hands raised in the air. It took police around one hour for them to completely clear out the building.

Despite police efforts to stop these protests, thousands more are expected to come out to Lafayette Square over the weekend to continue protesting.