Attorney General Jeff Sessions was recently heard quoting Romans 13 from the Bible in defense of the nation’s decision to criminally prosecute everyone who comes across the border illegally. The implementation of this policy has had some disheartening effects including the separation of children from their parents until their day in court. The growing number of children being separated has forced many of them to be contained in temporary detention centers.

Concerned citizens across the nation are offended by the inappropriate holding of these children, so several protesters decided to gather in Los Angeles on June 26th in anticipation of the arrival of Jeff Sessions. The Los Angeles Police felt this organized and peaceful protest was unlawful, so they asked the crowd to disperse before Sessions arrived. They gave all protesters a five-minute warning, and they threatened to arrest anyone who didn’t leave within the time period.

Crowds holding signs began chanting “shame on you,” while other protesters began blocking the streets outside of the attorney’s office. According to witness reports, multiple clergy members dressed in robes were among those who descended on the office, sat down in protest and began praying. The United Methodist Church confirmed that around 600 church and clergy members desire to bring formal charges against the Attorney General for alleged child abuse, racial discrimination and overall immorality.

At least 25 individuals were detained and charged due to their actions during the demonstration. Among those charged include several faith leaders including Rabbis and California clergy members. One Rabbi, Jonathan Klein, spoke to news reporters and explained that his protests aligns directly with his faith.