President Donald Trump is bringing immigration concerns back to the front of political discussion. Just recently, he made headlines when he excessively praised Mexican officials for preventing a “giant scene” at the U.S. border. According to reports, the President signed a proclamation ordering the deployment of the United States National Guard to the Mexican border just hours before this incident occurred.

News reports suggest that a large group of migrants were headed towards the United States borders, but the group itself claims they never intended to cross the border into the United States. Some of the organizers planned to go across the border, but they all had valid asylum claims according to the travelers. Before they could reach their destination, over 1,000 Central Americans were stopped by Mexican officials. When President Trump learned about the traveling group, he immediately threatened to end the North American Free Trade Agreement and cease all foreign aid donations flowing into Honduras if the Mexican government didn’t act to stop the group.

The Mexican authorities broke up the traveling group. President Trump expressed his satisfaction with the immigration laws of “Mexico and their willingness to use them.”

President Trump himself explains that illegal border crossings are currently at a 46 year low. He credits his own administration and policies for this statistic, but he has expressed concern that illegal immigration is still at an “unacceptable” level. His administration strongly believes that the National Guard will help protect the border from incoming illegal immigrants, drugs and criminals.