The current Trump administration has been aggressively pursuing illegal immigrants in an effort to enforce the law, deter further criminal immigration and prioritize national security. One of the agency’s main targets are individuals who have previous criminal convictions and are eligible for removal for the country.

Xiu Qing You, a 39-year-old resident of Flushing, was just arrested and detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency after being identified as one of these types of individuals. You, who has been living in the United States for over 18 years, was in the process of applying for permanent residency. He is currently married to Yu Mei Chen, a legal U.S. citizen, and the couple has two American-born children aged four and six.

The couple scheduled an interview to obtain a green card for Mr. You on May 23. They arrived at the facility to answer questions about their legal marriage when officials asked Mrs. Chen to step out of the room while they asked Mr. You additional questions. Sadly, Mrs. Chen has not seen her husband since.

According to reports, Mr. You does not have any previous criminal convictions. He was flagged by the ICE agency, however, when they discovered a previous deportation order dating back to 2002. Mr. You had been denied asylum by the U.S. and given an order of deportation, but the federal government never attempted to enforce it until his recent arrest.

Mr. You’s lawyer has argued that returning him to China could potentially lead to persecution because of his strong Catholic faith. Unfortunately, You could be deported at any time. ICE has not issued any comments on this ongoing case, but it is becoming clearer that the Trump administration will be enforcing decades-old deportation orders and detaining individuals when they show up for interviews for citizenship.