Jakiv Palij, a 95-year-old, has resided in the United States for decades despite being a well-known war criminal and having his U.S. citizenship yanked back in 2003. Early on August 21st, the White House confirmed the suspect has finally been deported from the United States and sent back to Germany.

Palij originally came to the United States in 1949. He lied to authorities and told them he had worked as a farmer and factory worker during WWII in his home country Germany. He lived in the United States peacefully for years, and he was granted citizenship in 1957.

Unexpectedly, police later discovered Palij’s name on an old roster for Nazi concentration camp workers. A former guard also informed U.S. police that Palij was living in America. Investigators connected the dots, and they discovered Palij did work at the Treblinka Death Camp. He was a guard during the tragic November day in 1943 when 6,000 prisoners were shot and killed.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed the investigators reports. He explained that Palij had lied to authorities and fraudulently gained citizenship. His citizenship status was revoked in 2003, and a court ordered him to be deported back in 2005.

Despite a deportation order, Palij remained in the country. Last year, every single congressional member from New York wrote letters to then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urging the administration to deport Palij in a major bipartisan effort. Finally, ICE agents descended on the elderly man’s home, arrested him and arranged for his immediate deportation back to Germany.