Tensions surrounding the migrant caravan have become increasingly hostile as thousands of individuals have finally reached the Southern border of the United States. The group of immigrants have spent weeks trekking throughout South America in the hopes of flooding the border, but the President of the United States and Mexican authorities have joined forces to prevent them from ever reaching U.S. soil.

On November 25, about 500 immigrants convened in Tijuana on the Mexican side of the border. The group swarmed police blockades and attempted to force their way into the country. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agencies, 69 immigrants illegally crossed the border into our country, so they were each detained. Mexican officials stated that they successfully captured 39 suspects. It remains unclear whether some of the immigrants successfully fulfilled their mission. The chief of U.S. Border Patrol for the area explained that “there were numerous people that actually made it across the border.” He listed the dilapidated border wall as one of the main reasons that so many were able to escape across the border. He noted that some members of the group intentionally tore down sections of the current border wall before attempting to assault multiple border agents.

Following former President’s footsteps, President Trump authorized the use of force on people attempting to illegally cross the border. It’s been confirmed that agents used tear gas, while some migrants threw projectiles at officers.

In response to the incident, President Trump explained that he would not take issue with closing the border down “permanently if need be.”