Zak Ringelstein, a Democratic Senate candidate from the state of Maine, was just arrested by police when he attempted to visit a child detention area in Texas.

Ringelstein has recently been a very openly outspoken critic of the current administration’s zero-tolerance policy and the effects it is having on the overwhelming number of migrant children. Rather than simply speaking politics, the candidate decided to travel to McAllen where several children are currently being detained.

His campaign confirmed the candidate was hoping to deliver packages full of food, water and comfort items for some of the children who are currently being detained. Ringelstein had gathered and prepared the toys, blankets and books as he arrived at the facility, and he hoped to capture the children’s reaction on a Facebook live broadcast when they received the unexpected delivery.

He began recording as he requested access to the center for the delivery. Officers denied his requests for permission into the building and ordered him to leave without dropping off the goods. The authorities explained to him that any donations would have to be provided through a recognized charitable organization, and they couldn’t legally accept the gifts. Agents then told Ringelstein to immediately leave or face arrest.

Astonished, he returned to his truck. He talked to viewers of the Facebook livestream about the incident that had just occurred and the overall inhumane treatment of the kids. Police arrived shortly later, and he was arrested for criminal trespass when he continued to ask for access to the facility.

After his arrest, his Twitter account posted the message, “Zak is now a political prisoner of the Trump regime.”