One father in Texas returned home from work on November 30th to discover his worst nightmare. He arrived home to find his wife acting very strange. She told him that she had sent their five-year-old son “away” before eventually confessing that his body was in the trash can. Now, the father will never get over the image of finding his decapitated son in the garbage can wrapped in plastic bags.

He immediately dialed 911, but paramedics arrived to find the young boy deceased at the scene. Police found additional evidence in the couple’s bathroom. The bathtub was reportedly covered in blood, and a knife was located on the floor. Police questioned the mother who eventually admitted to drowning the boy in the bathtub. She refused to speak about the decapitation. Lihui Liu, the 43-year-old mother, was taken into police custody and charged with the boy’s murder. Due to the nature of her crimes, she will likely be eligible for the death penalty under Texas law. Her court appearance is scheduled for December 6th.

The youngster’s father, Kai Xu, told media outlets that the couple also has a 13-year-old daughter. It’s unclear whether she was home during the ordeal or not. Xu explained that his wife had been battling depression and suicidal thoughts for an extended period of time. Her problems became increasingly worse beginning in March of this year. In August, she allegedly attempted to kill herself by drowning. She was reportedly prescribed antidepressants to help with her condition, but she refused to take them. Now, he feels partially responsible for leaving his children with her alone.