A couple in Texas has been arrested after their four children were found suffering in deplorable conditions. According to initial reports, two of the children were found locked in dog cages and two others were found covered in feces.

On February 12th, deputies responded to the home after a domestic disturbance call. When they arrived on the property, they found a “crudely fashioned” barn that the family was living out of. Two youngsters called out to the officers from dog cages asking for food and water.

Officers noticed that there was plenty of food and drink in the barn, but they also saw how the cabinets and refrigerator were equipped with locks. It appears the parents locked the areas to prevent the youngsters from grabbing food.

While looking at the locks, two more children appeared. According to officers, they were “filthy” and only had some clothing items on them. Lane Akin, one of the Wise County Sheriff’s who responded to the incident, claimed that this was the worst case of child abuse he has personally seen in over 44 years.

Both parents, Andrew Joseph Fabila and Paige Isabow Harkings, were taken into police custody. They’ve both been charged with criminal child endangerment. Harkings, the mother, was also charged with aggravated assault for the domestic disturbance the officers were originally called out for.

All four children, ranging in age from one to five, were brought to the nearby Cook Children’s Medical Center. Currently, the kids have not been turned over to state custody, but it’s likely they will be when they are released from the hospital.