Authorities in Delray Beach, Florida, are thrilled to have finally captured a suspect accused of a murder back in 1998. The police were excited when they finally got a break in the case. Recently, their primary suspect submitted his fingerprints along with a job application, and his prints were matched to those found at the crime scene years ago.

On March 27th, the 51-year-old suspect, Todd Barket, was taken into custody. He’s been charged with the first-degree murder of Sondra Better. Initially, he was detained in Hillsborough County Jail, but he will eventually be extradited back to Palm Beach County to face his charges. He has been denied bond.

The police finally got a break in the 1998 murder case when Barket submitted his fingerprints back in December. According to authorities, the suspect was attempting to get a job with a water and fire cleanup company, which required that he go through a background check.

In January, the fingerprints were making their way through the national database when the Delray Beach Police got a notification about a potential match. Experts analyzed the fingerprints with those submitted after Better’s murder, and they were convinced that the sets matched.

Shortly later, authorities tracked down Barket, and he was arrested. The murder case stumped officials for years because they couldn’t locate him despite the abundance of evidence found at the scene. Now, authorities believe he may have been able to evade them for so many years by working at a nursing home and staying out of trouble. Thankfully, his recent job application led to his demise.