Between 1995 and 2003, a serial rapist terrorized the city of Spartanburg. Dozens of women and young girls were sexually assaulted, and detectives were convinced that the same man was responsible. Now, the person believed to be responsible for all the acts of violence has finally been apprehended and charged for his crimes. 52-year-old Gregory Howard Frye was taken into custody on April 2nd.

During the initial investigation, authorities found that multiple women who reported an assault were all describing a very similar suspect. The numerous victims, who ranged in age from 14 to 51, all reported being assaulted in various apartment complexes around the county. Investigators decided to conduct a DNA analysis of all the samples collected at each scene. The results scientifically confirmed the detective’s hunch that the same perpetrator was responsible for all the sexual assaults.

From there, the police began interviewing dozens of suspects who could’ve potentially committed the crimes. They obtained DNA samples from several individuals, but they were never able to find a match. After years of attempting to locate the suspect, the case went cold.

Thankfully, the case was reopened about six months ago. Investigators hoped that the increase in technological advancements would help them narrow down a list of suspects, and they were right. Investigators utilized new genealogical methods alongside the DNA evidence to identify family members of the suspect. Some of Frye’s family members had submitted their DNA profiles to databases, so investigators were led to the suspect. Now, Frye’s been charged with kidnapping, criminal sexual conduct and burglary. More charges are likely as the investigation continues.