Back in 1992, 57-year-old Marilyn Hickey was enjoying her evening at a bar when patrons saw her for the last time. According to an employee of the bar, Hickey appeared to leave on her own accord with an unidentified man. Days later, Hickey was found strangled to death in her home. While authorities worked tirelessly to find the person responsible for Hickey’s murder, the case quickly went cold with very little evidence or witnesses to investigate.

DNA evidence was taken from the scene of the crime, but investigators couldn’t identify a match. Finally, detectives got a break in the case in 2006 when they discovered the DNA sample matched another sample taken from a different murder scene. The second sample was collected in 1994 when 49-year-old Cheryle Barratt was killed in Boise, but the match wasn’t determined until 2006.

Once the match was confirmed, police gleefully reopened both the 1992 and 1994 cold cases. Detectives discovered the DNA samples matched one suspect, 54-year-old Lee R. Miller. The Boise, Washington and Bremerton Police Department all collaborated together to identify the main suspect in both murders before testing and confirming the DNA match. Now, Miller has been arrested and charged in the death of Marilyn Hickey. He is currently being held in the Ada County Jail, but he will be extradited back to Washington to face his crimes in due time. Miller remains the primary suspect in Barratt’s murder, but he has not yet been formerly charged with the crime.