Just hours after the devastating Texas School Massacre, a lone gunman outside of a Georgia high school disrupted a graduation ceremony and killed at least one victim.

Thomas Trawick, the Clayton County Schools Safety Chief, confirmed to local news reporters that a suspect did fire off his weapon in the parking lot of Mount Zion High School. Reports indicate that the an argument had broken out between some members attending the graduation ceremony of the nearby Perry Learning Center.

Three women were injured during the resulting chaos. One victim in her mid-40s was shot three times in the chest area, and she was pronounced dead upon arrival to the Southern Regional hospital. Another victim, a 21-year-old, was promptly taken to Atlanta Medical Center. She suffered gunshot wounds to the leg. A third victim was taken to Piedmont Henry Hospital. One pregnant witness was harmed when she was shoved down by a crowd of fleeing people.

The Clayton County police arrested two individuals in connection with the deadly Friday night shooting. Officer Marcena Davis, the Clayton police spokeswoman, explained that the station won’t be releasing the identities of the accused suspects or their potential charges yet. Police believe that both parties were shooting at each other when witnesses were injured in the fallout.

The district will be holding another high school graduation ceremony next week at the Georgia International Convention Center, and officials have decided to have a visible security presence in the area for the events.