George Carroll was a well-respected veteran who served time fighting in the Korean War. His family and his fellow community members were shocked when he mysteriously went missing back in 1961. His mother and four children were astonished when he simply left the house one day and never returned. Many speculated that maybe George Carroll simply abandoned his family, but others were more suspicious.

Now, the family is dealing with an even more disturbing and baffling discovery. Shortly before Halloween, 57-year-old Michael Carroll was digging in the basement of his childhood home. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he uncovered a fully intact skeleton. He strongly believes the remains are his long-lost father.

Police quickly took custody of the human remains and began investigating the situation. Currently, a DNA test is underway to identify the person, but this process could take about a month before anything conclusive is determined. An initial autopsy on the skeleton confirmed that the victim died as a result of blunt force trauma to the skull. It’s likely the person was the victim of a murder.

In an added twist to the mystery, police have since confirmed that the victim’s wife never reported her husband’s disappearance. There appears to be much discrepancy about when the victim actually vanished, and the children remember a strange man moving into their home shortly after their father had left. The stranger was apparently in a romantic relationship with the mother, and her children suspect he may have played a role in their father’s disappearance.

Both the mother, Dorothy Carroll, and the man in question, Richard Darress, have both since passed away, so the children desperately hope this newest discovery will give them the answers they have been searching for.