Richard Gale Pierce, an 82-year-old resident of Michigan, has just been arrested in connection to a cold case dating back in 1975. While prosecutors have not found any new evidence to tie Pierce to the disappearance of his wife, they believe his arrest is long overdue.

Back in 1975, 35-year-old Carol Jean Pierce went missing. The last person to see her was her husband, Richard Pierce. According to a 19-page complaint, the couple had gotten married in 1966. People who were friends with the couple informed police that the couple did seem to argue often. While many witnesses argued that Carol was typically the aggressor, others claimed that Carol appeared to have been physically abused by her husband on many occasions. One former neighbor told police that Carol had voiced concerns that her husband may kill her one day.

On September 8th, Pierce allegedly returned from his Coast Guard duty to find that his wife was missing. He reportedly found evidence that his wife had left and taken some of their savings. He failed to report her missing for over 82 days. He claimed that his wife had left before but returned, so he wasn’t worried enough to report her disappearance for some time.

Friends told police that Pierce did not seem emotionally distraught over his wife’s death. A few weeks after her disappearance, he moved to Michigan and met a woman at a bar. The two were married in 1978, but she has since passed away as well. A concerned grandson reported to police that in 2005 Pierce was arguing with his grandmother when he stated, “That’s why I got rid of my wife.”