The Press Democrat reports that a suspect in a California murder has been charged in two murders from a 2004 cold case. Shaun Michael Gallon, a native of Forestville, California is a felon who was first named as a suspect in the cold case killings last year. He was formerly charged for the murders of a Midwestern couple this week.

Gallon, 39, was arrested in March 2017 for killing his younger brother in their family home. Interviews with investigators ensued for the Jenner case and he was named a suspect in May 2017. Lindsay Cushall, 22, and Jason Allen, 26, were gunned down while in sleeping bags at Fish Head Beach.

Gallon was known for strange behavior in the Russian River area and had several run-ins with law enforcement over the years. The Jenner killings became a cold case that plagued many of the Sheriff’s Office personnel who were searching for the gunman ever since the crime happened.

Gallon was arraigned on the murder charges for killing Cutshall and Allen on Monday morning. He was also charged with one count of attempted murder for a separate case in 2004, where he allegedly left a package bomb on a car that exploded and injured a woman. He has not entered a plea in court.

*Photo credit Press Democrat