WCVB 5, ABC News, reports that DNA evidence has solved a cold murder case from 1969. Jane Britton, a Harvard graduate student, was assaulted and murdered in her Cambridge apartment in 1969. Although the case is decades old, the killer rapist may also be connected to other cases during the same timeframe.

Britton, 23 at the time, did not have any roommates but neighbors could hear a struggle. She had spent some time with her boyfriend and neighbors before going home that night. Her body was found the following day after missing an important exam at school.

DNA evidence from the case led investigators to suspect Michael Sumpter, who is also a suspect in four other assault cases. The 1973 rape and murder of Mary Lee McLain has also been linked to Sumpter.

The DNA sample used to link Sumpter to the cases was provided by a male relative of his.

Sumpter died in 2001 of cancer after being paroled to hospice care from prison while serving a sentence for a rape he committed in 1975.

*photo credit Hearst Communications, Inc.