23-Year-Old Murder Case Solved Using New Technology

SUSPECT: Brian Leigh Dripps



THE DETAILS: Back in June of 1996, authorities discovered an 18-year-old victim, later identified as Angie Dodge, stabbed to death in her own apartment. At the time, officers were able to collect DNA evidence at the scene, but the evidence never yielded any results. Now, using the same technological advancements used to capture the Golden State Killer, authorities have finally identified the culprit behind the violent crime. DNA taken from Dripps matches the evidence found at the scene, and the suspect has allegedly confessed while in custody.


Authorities Apprehend Suspect Who Kidnapped Child at McDonald's

SUSPECT: Maralyn Ramos

CHARGES: Kidnapping


THE DETAILS: The nation was shocked to witness surveillance footage from an L.A. McDonalds that showed a suspect brazenly kidnapping a four-year-old child in broad daylight. The incident occurred at around 3:15 in the afternoon. The suspect reportedly walked over, grabbed the child and attempted to bring the boy to a parked car. When she was stopped by witnesses, she ran off on foot. Thankfully, officers have identified and apprehended the woman.


Viral Video Leads to Woman’s Arrest After Fatal Shove From Las Vegas Bus

SUSPECT: Cadesha Michelle Bishop

CHARGES: Homicide


THE DETAILS: Back in March, one woman brutally shoved an elderly man off of a bus in Las Vegas. The victim, Serge Fournier, suffered from a head wound. About a month after the shove, he passed away as a result of complications from the head injuries. On May 3rd, the victim’s family decided to inform the police about the incident, and that’s when an investigation was started. The incident was recorded on video that was just recently released to the public. After reviewing the footage, authorities determined the victim’s death was a homicide. Three days after beginning the investigation, the police arrested Cadesha Bishop.


Woman from Tampa, Florida Threatens Mass Shooting

SUSPECT: Juliana Joy Cote

CHARGES: Making written threats to commit a mass shooting or terrorism


THE DETAILS: The Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office was forced to respond to a disturbing social media threat posted online by a resident of Tampa, Florida. The suspect allegedly confessed to making the post, which described an intent to carry out a shooting at the nearest school. The online post contained a photograph of a small firearm, which was later determined to be a fake, and it contained the warning to call 911 because she was going to “shoot everyone.” She furthered that she was on her way to the nearest elementary school. It remains unclear what the suspect’s motive was in making the online threat. It also remains to be seen whether the threat was credible or not considering the firearm was fake.