On August 29, 1981, Anthony Tyrone “Burt” Woodson, a five-year-old, allegedly wondered off from his uncle’s eyesight in public and went missing. Authorities have spent decades attempting to locate Burt, but they have continuously come up short.

The boy was allegedly on East Broad Street near the local 7-Eleven convenience store at 3:30 A.M. when he was last seen. Terry Lee Woodson, the boy’s uncle, had been tasked with watching the boy that night. He told police that he brought him to the store to buy some soft drinks, but little Burt fell asleep in the backseat of the car. He told authorities that he went into the store, purchased the drinks and returned home. When he went to take the boy inside, he realized he was gone.

Overnight, groups of volunteers and police searched everywhere for clues to the missing boy. He was never found. Police investigated both Woodson and his wife, but they both passed polygraph tests regarding the boy’s disappearance. Without any leads, the case went cold for decades.

In May of last year, Mansfield Police reopened the case and began searching through the evidence. Astonishingly, police found reason to believe that Burt had never been taken from the backseat of his uncle’s vehicle. They decided to interrogate the uncle again, and this time they came to a very different conclusion.

Terry Lee Woodson, now 64-years-old, eventually confessed to killing the youngster nearly 40 years ago. He confirmed that he had ‘accidently’ beaten the boy to death when he began disciplining him with an electrical cord. He was immediately charged with murder and taken to the Tarrant County Jail on August 16 in light of his confession. His bail is set at $200,000.