Back in July of 1976, a horrific double murder shocked the community of Silver Cliff. The two victims, David Schuldes and Ellen Matheys, had reportedly gone on a camping trip, but they were both found shot to death at their campsite. Baffled authorities were unable to piece together a motive or a suspect in the horrific slayings, but they never gave up hope on cracking the case.

Police carefully collected DNA samples discovered at the scene, and they’ve been preserved ever since. While the evidence was crucial, officers didn’t have any suspects or profiles to try to match the sample to. Thankfully, the evidence was properly preserved for years because it was critical in identifying the suspect.

Now, the Marinette County Sheriff’s Office is thrilled to have finally captured the person they believe was responsible for the double murder. The suspect, who is now 82-years-old, was identified during a press conference on March 15th. According to police, the culprit is Raymond L. Vannieuwenhoven. He’s currently being held at the Marinette County Jail.

Police identified Raymond through a variety of methods. First, they used DNA evidence and countless interviews to create a sketch of the potential murderer. Then, they partnered with the Parabon Corporation to estimate what the suspect would look like after aging. They also used genealogy experts to help them pinpoint potential suspects. They interviewed dozens of individuals who matched the sketch and could’ve been in the area during the murders. Officers obtained DNA samples from everyone who fit the profile.

On March 14, police were astounded to have finally found a suspect whose DNA matched that of the murderer.